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The Skeletool™ Platform

Leatherman SkeletoolToday’s outdoor enthusiasts want to keep weight and volume to a minimum without sacrificing quality and true functionality.  While multi-tools have multiple options, they’re often heavier with more features than are used on a regular basis.  Conversely, pocket knives are light and streamlined, but render themselves useless when necessary adjustments call for a tool. Enter the new Leatherman platform: Minimal weight, compact size and endless capabilities.

Now you’re ready…To downsize.

At a mere five ounces, the new full-size multi-tool from Leatherman features a stainless steel blade, pliers, bit driver and carabiner/bottle opener - that’s it.  Only the most necessary multi-tool features, because sometimes that’s all you need.  Removable pocket clip means it easily clips onto a belt, pack, or vest—no sheath required.

The Leatherman Difference

Leatherman is known for producing the world’s most precisely engineered multi-tools and knives; our manufacturing standards remain unmatched in the industry today.  With the new Skeletool™ the Leatherman tradition of innovation, tight specifications, and premium materials continues to endure.

1. Fast

Outside-accessible blades mean, just like a pocket knife, it can be opened with one hand, quick-style.

2. Strong

Newly-designed lightweight pliers with wire cutters and folding handles are strong, comfortable and easy-to-use.

3. Versatile

Bit drivers let you customize your tool selection to fit any activity and either one of the bits that comes with the tool and can be stored in the handles.

4. Ultralight

SkeletoolAt a mere five ounces, this is the lightest full-size multi-tool on the market.

5. Sharp

Leatherman blades are sharpened to perfection and the Skeletool 420HC and 154CM clip-point knives are no exception.


Stainless Steel Body.
6061-T6 Aluminum Handle Scale.
Needlenose Pliers.
Regular Pliers.
Wire Cutters.
Hard-wire Cutters.
Leatherman SkeletoolCombo Straight/Serrated 420HC Stainless Steel Blade.
Universal Bit Driver.
Carabiner/Bottle Opener.
Removable Pocket Clip.
Bit Storage in Handle.
Phillips #1 and #2 Bit.
Screwdriver 1/4” and 3/16” Bit.
Supplied complete with Nylon Belt Pouch.
Leatherman SkeletoolLength: 10cm (closed).
Weight: 142g.

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Special Offer - Leatherman Skeletool with Additional Bit Kit

Leatherman Additional Bit Kit for WaveThe New Leatherman Skeletool (above) with the Additional Bit Kit (right).  When bought with the Leatherman Skeletool, save £4 and get it for just £25.99.

The Bit Kit includes the following bits:

Hex 1.5mm and 2mm Hex 1/16" and .050" Phillips #1 and #2
Hex 2.5mm and 3mm Pozi #1 and #2 Slotted 3/32" and 1/8"
Hex 4mm and 5mm Pozi #3 and Robertson #1 Slotted 5/32" and 3/16"
Hex 6mm and 1/4" Robertson #2 and #3 Slotted 7/32" and 1/4"
Hex 7/32" and 3/16" Torx #10 and #15 Eyeglass Screwdrivers
Hex 5/32" and 9/64" Torx #20 and #25 (Phillips and Flat Tip)
Hex 1/8" and 7/64" Torx #27 and #30  
Hex 3/32" and 5/64" Phillips #0 and #3  

In stock.

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