The Leatherman Story

The origins of Leatherman Tool Group are found in unreliable hotel plumbing and a cantankerous old automobile.  In 1975, Tim Leatherman was on a low-budget trip through Europe.  He found his standard "scouters knife" wasn't up to the challenges he faced during his ten-month journey.  What he wished for was a compact pocket knife with full-sized pliers, but no such tool existed.

Tim Leatherman"I made notes of what I really needed," says Tim.  "When I returned home, I went to work in my garage and started designing a new kind of tool, one that would replace the knife with something more useful."  Tim spent the next eight years using his engineering background to design such a tool.  "I was trying to build a pocket tool that met not only my needs, but the needs of others as well.  I always thought there might be a business in this thing," he adds.

Finally, in 1983 Tim found his first customer and established Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.  "Since my name is on every tool," Tim notes, "I'm very motivated to make sure each one is perfect."

Leatherman PliersFrom modest beginnings, the popularity of Leatherman Tools has grown rapidly.  Now millions of customers all over the worlds become Leatherman owners each year.  The product line has expanded to twelve models, and the Leatherman brand is recognized as the leader in sales, quality and innovation within the compact multi-purpose tool category.

Close inspection reveals the quality and attention to detail that make our products more useful and effective.  All parts are carefully finished to ensure smooth operation and reduce the potential for corrosion.  Individual implements are heat treated to the appropriate hardness for their specific use.  Screwdrivers are ground square to hold a screw.  Our Phillips screwdrivers are a proprietary design, modified to fit both #1 and #2 sizes.  Hard wire cutters have been incorporated to cut material no competitive product can handle.

Leatherman Wave Tool AdaptorTwo new products represent our commitment to continuous improvement.  Pulse introduces locking blades and outstanding comfort in our most popular four-inch length.  The Tool Adapter for Wave makes our best selling model even more useful.  We haven't stopped improving our existing products, either.  New screwdriver designs help blades stay open better during strenuous use.  New nail nicks make it easier to access interior blades.  Using the best stainless steel, ingenious design and rigorous tolerances, we are making useful products our customers want and backing them with a 25-year guarantee.